Legal News

Civil Litigation: Examples of Civil Cases

A court room where civil cases take place

Explore examples of civil cases in-depth and discover how civil law differs from criminal law in the United States.

What Are The 4 Types Of Evidence?

There are four types of evidence that are admissible in court. Find out what they are.

Tort Law: When Are Manufacturers Liable?

A red car crashes into the back of a yellow car in a crash test for a tort law manufacturer liability case

Manufacturers can be held liable for any faults in their products. Learn how this can impact U.S. tort law.

Tort Law: How is Negligence Proven?

Golden legal scales used in a tort law negligence case

Negligence is a key determining factor in tort law cases in the United States. Discover more about it here!

Tort Law: A Layman’s Guide

A hammer and gavel used in a tort law case

Tort law may seem complex at first, but our guide breaks down the basics to help you understand it better.

Property Law: When Can The Government Seize Your Property?

A house with tan paint at the end of a driveway in a seizure of property legal case

The U.S. government can seize private property for a number of reasons. Find out what they are here!

Property Law: Trusts Explained

A house with blue paint on a street as part of a property trust

Explore what property trusts are and how trust law impacts the broader U.S. legal system.

Constitutional Law: A Breakdown Of All 27 Amendments

bill of rights

We examine all 27 constitutional amendments in detail here in this in-depth breakdown.

Constitutional Law: What Does It Guarantee?

The U.S. Constitution guarantees numerous rights for all men, women, and children. Find out everything you need to know about these rights.

Contract Law: Can a Court Order That a Contract Be Upheld?

The U.S. Supreme Court building, where an enforceable contract legal case is being decided

Find out how courts determine whether contracts can be upheld and enforced by the rule of law.